Friday, November 18, 2005

I was pointing at the rafters, ready to call out "can I get a witness?"
I had a message from the store that the Constantine's debut cd I ordered a month ago had arrived, and I was feeling the love already.
But when I got there, hands all sweaty, heart pounding, buddy pulled out an lp.
He had marked the wrong format on the order form.
My turntable is kaput.
But it had been buddy's first day on the job the day I ordered, so I went easy on him.
Now I wait.
Hurry hard.
To keep us grounded, check out the Cons' concert list from their website:
Nov 02 - Toronto, ON OPERA HOUSE
Nov 03 - Montreal, QC LA SALLA ROSA
Nov 04 - Bennington, VT DOWNSTAIRS CAFE
Nov 05 - Cambridge, MA MIDDLE EAST
Nov 9 - Liverpool, UK Korova
Nov 10 - Nottingham, UK Rescue Rooms
Nov 11 - Glasgow, UK Barfly (upstairs)
Nov 12 - Newport, UK Meze Lounge
Nov 13 - London, UK Barfly
Nov 14 - Liege, BEL L'ESCALIER
Nov 15 - Paris, FRA BATOFAR
Nov 16 - Munich, GER ORANGEHOUSE w/ Black Mountain & Dead Meadow
Nov 18 - Brescia, ITA FREEMUZIK
Nov 19 - Pontedera, ITA RIOT CLUB
Nov 23 - Bologna, ITA COVO
Nov 24 - Vienna, AUS CHELSEA
Nov 25 - Linz, AUS KAPU
Nov 26 - Stuttgart, GER SCHOCKEN
Nov 27 - Leipzig, GER FRUH AUF
Nov 29 - Berlin, GER KNAACK KLUB
Nov 30 - Hamburg, GER MOLOTOW
Dec 01 - Lund, SWE MEJERIET
Dec 03 - Stockholm, SWE DEBASER
Dec 05 - Amsterdam, NL PARADISO
Dec 06 - Cologne, GER BLUE SHELL
Dec 07 - Munster, GER GLEIS 22
Dec 08 - Rotterdam, NL ROTOWN
Dec 09 - Brussels, BEL BOTANIQUE
Dec 10 - Diksmuide, BEL 4AD
Now look me in the eye and tell me they are not Canada's hardest working band.
You gotta believe, you brothers and sisters of mercy.


Anonymous said...

Newbies on the job + professional expectation = FUCK(2)/FRUSTRATION.

Oh that's bummer defined Barbara! I hope it arrives overnight, that's the least you deserve. Especially since you're cool enough to cut the new dude a break, I can't say I'd be as cucumberish.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks Michelle, I just come home and whine about things instead.