Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ho Ho Ho (I am NOT!)

First of the company Christmas parties last night. Jer and I slapped on our once a year clothes and drove 678,765,988 kms to attend. If you know Calgary, you'll know what I mean: we live in Lake Bonavista and the party was at the Valley Ridge Golf Course (for the third year in a row!) Sheesh! Very nice place, but you practically have to pack a lunch for the trip. And of course since it doesn't kill me to not drink (boy have things changed since university), I generally get to be designated driver. Add to that the fact that I'm developing cataracts, and it makes for an interesting trip. Caution: blind girl driving!
I'm glad Jerry strongly hinted that I not wear the same outfit I've been wearing for the last five years, even if I had to go shopping. So Wednesday saw me at South Centre mall, using my usual shopping strategy: one hour and I'm out of there, dress or not. Haha - it worked and now I don't have to shop for another five years at least.
Jerry won the centre-piece at our table and it was really lovely arrangement this year, with real cedar, spruce, and pine, so it smells like Christmas at our house already. Good thing I got rid of that last pumpkin yesterday.
Had lovely chats with folks I normally only see once a year. My friend Shannon was one of them this year. We only live a 15 minute drive from each other and we haven't gotten together in far too long. How do we allow this to happen? But we got all caught up on news and gossip last night and made plans for a games night at our place in January when they get back from their Winnipeg Christmas visit.
Today of course, there's a big cauldron of chili cooking on the stove in honour of Grey Cup, so I'll pretend to be a football fan. I'll have to go with the Eskimos of course, but I liked the political cartoon in the Herald today:
- picture of Ralph Klein (premier of Alberta for those not following Canadian politics), with the caption "endearing himself even further to western conservatives" and a speech bubble that reads "I figure the Alouettes by six points"
(more on Ralph Klein and the comedy of errors that is Canadian politics in my next post, cause it's way too funny to let it pass)


Kellee said...

You both look great! By the way Barb...YOU WENT SHOPPING AT SOUTH CENTRE WITHOUT ME!!! We really have to go next time I'm up there -I used to be a Personal Shopper for Herbergers so I could get my eye on something for you quickly...It'll be like the adult version of dressing up "BARBie"
Not funny, I know. PS:Tell Eve I need a taste of Limblifter, and Econoline Crush - what's worth listening to?

Neil said...

Lookin Good, Barbara!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Kellee - I'm no fun to shop with, trust me. I shop like a man: know what I want before I get there, go in, buy it and LEAVE.
Eva's a big Limblifter fan, but I don't know what she thinks of EC.
Neil - thanks - you're looking pretty fine yourself.

Jas B said...

You look fantabulous Barb!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks Jas - we miss you around here.

Anonymous said...

You so totally hold yourself with self-confidence I want to just go all vampire on you.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Michelle, it's the black dress that inspires the vampire thoughts, isn't it? I am so goth.

Anonymous said...

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