Monday, October 31, 2005

The Voices Say Hello...

Well, if that's not a scary Hallowe'en picture, I don't know what is.
Mr. Good, not only can you write some kickass creepy lyrics, you can look the part when called upon.
Sensory overload tonight - waaay too much candy purchased, some damn cute little kids, cat trying to get into the chocolate, Eva playing Bauhaus loudly in the kitchen, and I'm trying to make plans with Kellee for her supa-fantastic northern excursion tomorrow.
It'll be fun to meet up and I am so excited about the Matt Good concert. I'm so glad he's a frequent tourer. Last year's show was Gr8!
Here's an excerpt from MBLOG today:
Matt Good: For those of you wearing costumes to the show tonight, do your best to maneuver yourselves in front of the stage (or in the general vicinity). I’ll do my best to try and pick out a few winners and haul them up on stage to hang out with the band for a few songs. Unless, that is, there are only two people in costume, then all bets are off. Of course the usual rules apply – French Maids, cat women, little Bo peeps, and anyone dressed up like Michael Myers automatically win.
Barb: What about if we wear costumes tomorrow night at Mac Hall? Do we get to come up on stage too?
Matt: Ah, well, no. It’s not Halloween. Though I am never against anyone dressing up on any day of the year as either a French Maid or Mike Myers.
Barb: Mike Myers it is then. You don’t want to see me dressed up as a french maid, trust me on this.Anybody can dress up for Hallowe’en. It takes a special kind of idiot to pull it off the day after.


Neil said...

Matt sure is a great singer....

When me and my girlfriend first went to see him together Malou said "Oh, he's not hot".

Personally, as a man, I prefer being a fan of a man who is strictly a good singer. That way no one questions my constant yammering about how good he is! he he.

Conky said...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Neil,I know lots of women who would debate Matt Good's hotness with you or your girlfriend. He's got that certain geek chic cache happening. And of course, musical ability, intelligence, and humanitarianism - all very appealing.

Neil said...

I'm sure. Everyone is beautiful to somebody. Thank God!