Monday, October 03, 2005

More Male Nudity!
And Punk Rock Karaoke!

Have you watched Going Coastal lately? I think they've recently implemented a policy whereby they must show some male nudity each week. It's been great.
Last week Chris Nelson interviewed a guy from Jets Overhead while the guy was in the shower. There was a shower door, but it was glass! You could totally see his little dangly-down bits.
The conversation went like this:
JO guy: " You're not looking, are you?"
Chris: "Of course not!" *camera zooms onto genitals*
JO guy: "I can feel your eyes looking..."
And last night, the guy from The Salads mooned Matt Wells and the rest of Canada.
I just wrote Chris and Matt and congratulated them on their fine programming. Which should make them way happier than when I ripped into them for featuring Nickelback for a whole frickin hour. Chris was surprisingly gracious about the whole thing.
Wonder what treats we can expect next week?
Oh, and Nardwuar interviewed Punk Rock Karaoke. The name says it all. They play punk songs and audience members can come up and sing along. They're a bit elitist, as they don't play anything past 1983, but I can certainly live with that. At least it eliminates Simple Plan.
*cough* posers that suck *cough*


Anonymous said...

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

aaaa hahahaha!! A candle kit making site! I thought I was pathetic!

Sean said...

Actually Arcade Fire plays Calgary tomorrow (wed october 5th!)

Neil said...

Maybe Rod thought you were the candle making sort...

Just browsing your blog, since you had the courtesy to check mine out.

Interesting stuff on here. Although I must admit, I'm not interested in guys little dangly bits. I generally find that much music is a lot of garbage these days to tell you the truth. I have no real interest in it as it seems to focus on no talent musicians (or even non-musicians at all).

I'll be back!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I stand corrected Sean. They were all over the newspaper on the weekend so I assumed the concert had already been...
Moonwalker, I will try to get beyond guys' dangly bits in the future, but I warn you I am a pretty shallow blogger. I am no Matt Good!

Paulo said...

Paulo loves you.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Gee, thanks Paulo.

Anonymous said...

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