Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hello Internet. I'm Back. Did You Miss Me?
Here are some salient points I learned on my trip to Manitoba:

1. Chicken balls will always be gross. Don't let anybody tell you that these chicken balls are going to be different because they will always be those disgusting little pieces of unidentifiable flesh surrounded by seven pounds of batter. They taste like their name.

2. The way to get a teenager's attention is to ask them "hey, do you want to see a picture of me and George Stroumboulopoulos?"

3. Brother-in-law will get you to the airport on time, much more than sister will.

4. There are some really great German swear words that I had forgotten (and will be posting over the next while for your entertainment and enlightenment).

5. Some people have never heard of Franz Ferdinand.

6. I am a music snob. Okay, I guess I already knew that.

7. Airport parking always costs a fuck of a lot more than you think it will.

8. You still have to pick up milk on the way home.


~Jen~ said...


~Jen~ said...

u ate a chickens balls? least u didnt take it fr a horse...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

both would have been pretty sick eh?

Kellee said...

This horse is going to have to move to Belize and assume a false identity to escape this scandal!!!
Chicken balls...? ick.

michelle said...

i don't know any German swear words, but considering how throaty and gutteral the language can be i'm betting it's pretty damn funny getting cussed out in deutsch speak.

hell, it would probably scare the chicken balls outta me.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

scare the chicken balls outta me - lolz!
Hey, I could teach you some German swears - they are very inventive!

michelle said...

OOH, do teach! saying "merde" is just so silly. i'm not sure i can do the language justice but i'd have fun coughing up oysters (or "lung-ers" or loogies, take your pick) in the process of learning German, heh.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are so game, Michelle! I've posted Arsch mit Ohren along the daily sidebar. Just say it with lots of lungers and you've got it.
haha speaking of lungers, in German they are known as lunge-butter (yup, lung butter - yum yum).