Saturday, October 08, 2005

Harold*, Rudy**, Dick*** ...
whatever demented name Jerry's folks call you, Happy Birthday, Darryll
I don't have a digital photo of Darryll, but he and Bart are a lot alike.
Different hair colour, same sassy attitude.
Darryll was the only one of us from university days who ALWAYS remembered birthdays.
And then last year, I forgot his.
Darryll wins at the friend contest!
(* they could pronounce Darryll Sittler's name, but not this Darryll's name,
** for the red hair,
*** bastardization of last name)
You rock, Harold!


Kellee said...

You're so funny B!
PS: "Change of Season" is one of my Faaaaavorite MG songs. It would kill if he would ever do it acoustic. HMMMMMM...let's suggest it on his blog sometime.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

GOOD idea Kellee! I love giving Matt suggestions as to how to improve his life. Cause you know I'm so good at my own life...

Anonymous said...

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