Saturday, September 10, 2005


You know how the symbol for Libra is a set of scales, which indicates balance and judgement, being able to see all sides of an arguement? Well, there's a downside to that, and that is sometimes having difficulty in making a decision. My name is Barbara and I am a Libra.

There were some awesome entries in the contest and I had such a hard time making a decision that I took the coward's way out and chose my favourite three:
  • Chicken Wing Marmelade - Jen
  • The Psychedelicacies - Rob
  • Replace Fuck with Fuji - Eva

Honourable Mention goes to:

Something Else - submitted by Erock

Chicken Wing Marmelade is deliciously disgusting and makes me kinda hungry at the same time, The Psychedelicacies has a nice word play, Replace Fuck with Fuji is based on an actual spellcheck incident, and Something Else is nicely subversive.

Do check out the blogs of the winners, which are linked on the top sidebar (except for Eva who does not yet have a blog).

Jen has a nicely skewed view of the world and her entries always make me snort, sometimes because I can totes relate, sometimes because I never thought of things that way before. (No pressure to perform here, Jen)

Rob plays bass for a band called Cry Electrum and has audio clips on his site. Check it out - support Canadian music - and maybe you can say "hey, I knew him when..."

Eva knows more about music than anybody I know and has a great critical ear. I'm always looking over her shoulder and asking who's that and consequently I steal most of my music from her.

The other entries to the contest, which were all really good, (but even a Libra has to make a decision sometime) were:

  • Supa Buff Hot Ties
  • The Derelicts
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Pipe Dreams
  • Band Wagon
  • Smokes and Groceries
  • Rogue Crackhead
  • Expectedly Stunted
  • Angry Spider Monkeys
  • Limbo Dwellers
  • Courtney Love's Broken Heart
  • Refried Bean Delight
  • Sonic Death Monkeys
  • Pine Cone
  • Janet Velcra and the Static Pinecones
  • Cow Cults

Thanks to everyone for entering and my apologies to the winners for the lame-ass prizes. Maybe next time I can fly you all to Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

"loose weight"?
As opposed to "tight weight"?

Rob said...

yes! i totally rule

(CAUTION | rob ruling in progress: those in the first 2 rows will get bullshit on them)

Conky said...

wooohooo i feel like a champion!

lol @ loose weight.... how dare he say my lard is not tight and firm...bastardo!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Dammit, Rob, I knew I should have brought a tarp!

Jen, there's nothing hotter than tight firm lard.

Anonymous said...

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