Monday, September 26, 2005

That bunny is way too creepy, so here's
a kinder, gentler picture.

It's here! It's here! It's here, it's here, it's here!!!!!!!!
I spent a chunk of the day reading a thesis at work, so had the headphones on the whole day. I had my All Matty playlist going in the hopes of placating the Maple Music delivery gods. And it worked!
In a Coma arrived today. And not a moment too soon.
Matt sure has some bad penmanship though. Either that or he wrote "fuck off" on my copy. Or possibly "moo", it's a little hard to tell.
Now I don't even mind if tomorrow's commute is a repeat of today's and it takes me an hour and 15 minutes to get into work again. Go ahead and break down on the Deerfoot. Matty and I are going for a little drive.


Conky said...

my autogragh looks like a squiggly line hahhaa

Barbara Bruederlin said...

jen- you must have received copy # 198

Anonymous said...

It finally arrived! YEAH!! Matty heaven! Glad it got there for you, sorry about his inability to write. I guess it is what makes him unique!

Martha B (2)