Sunday, September 04, 2005

Leave Matt Good the Fuck Alone, You Morons

Let's leave music out of this discussion for a minute, shall we? Let's not talk about how much Matt Good has contributed to Canadian music over the last ten years. Let's just talk about Matt Good, the person. Can you think of anyone else who gives so freely of his time, who invites so much discussion on his personal blog, who quietly and behind-the-scenes walks the walk and talks the talk? Neither can I.

So now Matt is being attacked for "not focusing on the positive" in regards to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Give me a fucking break.

I've stated on other forums and will state again, there are no positives to be found here. It was a natural disaster, yes, but so many red flags should have gone up years before (and did, if anyone was listening). But aside from the cutting of funds for the maintenance of the levee system and aside from the questionable river system diversion, it is the abysmal lack of response by the Bush administration that infuriates me. In the five days that Bush golfed and played his new guitar for photo ops, people drowned and had heart attacks and succumbed to heat exhaustion.

And Matt gets attacked for not looking on the bright side of life. At least he is trying to generate discussion, to look for solutions, to make people think.

***deep breath***

Don't forget to enter the Supa-Fantastic Band Name contest, described in the previous post. I've had some great entries already, but the contest is open until Friday, Sept 9 at 6:00pm MT. And there will be prizes.

So, enter now; enter often.