Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I've got a date with the DVD player
Not much time to say anything, as I've got to slap that In a Coma DVD in the player. I only got to see about half of it last night. Ooooooh, I can watch Strange Days and Anti-Pop anytime I want to now. Oh Be Joyful!
Go read Rob's review. It's the most comprehensive analysis of In a Coma you will come across, I guarantee you. And it's damn well written.
I'm going to turn on the tv.


Rob said...

thanks for the link barbara :)

if you're gonna link to me, it'll probably save people time to just link right to my personal site

and on an in a coma note, i only wish that there was an Oh Be Joyful vid. regardless though, the album is amazing

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Rob - wouldn't an Oh Be Joyful video just top things off? Maybe next Best of cd

I've changed the link to your direct site