Friday, September 02, 2005

It Didn't Have to Happen

I was not intending to talk about the aftermath of Katrina, as I've been discussing it a lot on MBLOG already, but there are just a few points I want to make. It I were a citizen of New Orleans (or the former New Orleans?), I would be demanding answers to two questions:

  1. Why did the Bush administration divert funding from FEMA to military spending in 2001? This severely compromised the maintenance of the levee system, which itself was a response to some questionable environmental practices of river system diversions. Since the 1920s it has been evident that Katrina was just a matter of time. Cutting funding to FEMA was foolhardy and criminal.
  2. Why is more than one-third of the Louisianna and Mississippi National Guard over in Iraq, fighting an illegal war, rather than at hand to assist in rescue, maintenance of law, and rebuilding of levees?

That's what I'd want to know.

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