Saturday, September 24, 2005

I'm bored but I'm excited
I'm bored because I'm in Calgary, not Victoria, today, but I'm excited for Jen because she gets to go see Matt Good tonight.
I hope he plays really good and loud, Jen, so that you have to say "goddamn, it's deafening". So loud that they have to supply earplugs for the birds and the animals. It's going to be such a great show, you're going to wonder how'd this world get to be so fucking fun all of a sudden.
Hey, Jen, when you're rocking with Matt tonight, I've a favour to ask, maybe this is a bad time or perhaps you'll think I'm evil, but if anybody starts hucking stuff at our man, first of all, don't get hit yourself, and, secondly, if you can get those bastards back, do so, because it's amazing what velocity can do when wrenches start getting hucked. I know it's not allowed, but sometimes I fantasize that you're going to punch some idiot right in the throat. The lights are out anyway and after all, you're only human. And you know, life's a dirty business, so just be a prick.
Afterwards, you can disappear altogether although maybe the best thing you can do is hang around a while. Matty might want to personally thank you for saving his life (whatever keeps claim to keeping us civilized). I can just hear him telling you to come to the after-party: "Hey Jen, let's get this party started, all gonna stay up late". Will that make for a better, happier you?
Can you hear your blood pound?
And then Matt would apologize for not personally delivering your In A Coma. "Sorry, Jen, I'd be there if I was a better man". Then, I'll bet your teeth can feel you smiling. Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but what is life if not a joke?
I'm just making this shit up. But, there's a concept here I'm trying to say. I'm really excited for you and I want to hear all about the show. It's always what I wanted, but I have to wait until November 1 for Matt to come to Calgary (I'm peeling off my skin), so now I just sit here and think of meaningless things to say. But I'll wait on the sidelines all this time, so get out there tonight and push and push and push till it hurts, and then check me tomorrow. And take lots of photos if you can. It's all or nothing, baby!
I'm frantic, so load me up!
See the words in blue?
Those, of course, are Matt Good lyrics.
There are 30 of them.
Which songs are they from?
Whoever gets the most correct wins my undying admiration and a lame prize.
Some lyrics are a little more obscure than others, but still it shouldn't be all that hard for a real MG nerd


Anonymous said...

Hi Barb:
Love the way you have incorporated MG song lyrics in your little write up for Jen!!

Enjoy Matt Good Jen!!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

haha thanks Jaz
Do you suppose I have waaaayyy too much time on my hands? Or just waaaayyy too much stuff I'd rather not do?

Conky said...

hahahaa you be funny funny funny....if anyone tosses shit tonight im going mental...i ususally end up punching ppl who are kicking the shit outta me as they its all not wearing my glasses tonight cuz last time i saw MG they went flying off my head