Thursday, September 29, 2005

If you came home from the office and found me lying on the floor,
would you carry me in your arms like this?
- Patrick "Kitten" Braden
If you see only one transvestite-stripper-in-search-of-romance-and-his birth-mother film this year, let it be Breakfast on Pluto.
I expected high camp (and there is that) and sassiness (and there is a boatload of that), but I didn't expect this film to delve into the brutality of politics, the cruelness of neighbours, and finally leave me with a new perspective on the idea of family.
And Cillian Murphy is GLORIOUS!!!! He is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. All wide-eyed coyness with those famous lashes, breathy romanticism, and cheekbones you could cut diamonds on. You aren't sure whether you should want to fuck him or take him shopping for feather boas. (I am soooo confused!!)
There are plenty of cruel and brutal moments (set against the backdrop of IRA bombings as well as Catholic prejudices, this should hardly be shocking).
But they are shocking.
And you can hear gasps from the audience during moments such as the bombing of the nightclub where Kitten is getting cosy with a British soldier. The cinematography is particularly effective during the bomb blast scene, where it looks as though the screen itself has been ripped apart.
And then of course, Kitten ends up being beaten and interregated at police headquarters, as they figure s/he's a transvestite terrorist. And s/he's loving all the attention. So much so that s/he doesn't want to leave the next day when they try to release him, breathlessly pleading "Please let me stay, I'll be the best prisoner ever, I'll iron all the uniforms". Awww.
I'll shut up now, as I cannot possibly do justice to this glorious film. Just look for it!! And check out the Calgary International Film Festival.

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Ok I GOTTA see this shorts/black socks uber chic Matt pic! Pass it on, I need a giggle!