Friday, September 16, 2005

10,000 Schools

That's how many schools across Canada will simultaneously be running the Terry Fox run at 12:00 Pacific today, the 25th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope.
The Terry Fox Foundation has raised over one-third of a billion dollars around the world toward cancer research.
All the kids at the school are expected to participate in this run. I will helping out a little bit today, by standing on the corner of Lake Bonavista Drive and Lake Moraine Rise during the run, and keeping the little bastards from sneaking off to the mall instead.
Remember to celebrate the dreams of this brave boy.

Today's run was a huge success. In addition to our Junior High, there were students from three area elementary schools joining in the run/walk, which ended up with everyone meeting at the schoolground for a barbeque.
I was posted at a corner which was sort of a natural crossing point to get back into the schoolyard. And I got to wear a police vest, and step out into the road to stop traffic. I felt like such a big swinging dick! One little lad looked up at me as his class was crossing and asked "are you a police?" Oh yeah!
I think Terry would be pleased.


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