Sunday, August 07, 2005

What Do You Wear to a Witch Wedding?

Okay, so it wasn't really a wedding; it was one of those ceremonies where people say their wedding vows again. It's not something I'd ever do, as I think the vows Jerry and I took at the London, Ontario courthouse are still in effect even after 16 years, but some people find it important at a certain point in their lives.

The thing is, we thought we were just going to a 40th birthday party on their acreage, as did the other 100 or so people attending. There was no sign of the birthday girl when we arrived (an hour late due to the Deerfoot being closed on account of a fatal collision), nor of the other Marthas (that group with whom I regularly get away on Womenly Weekends). But there were these unknown folks milling about, all dressed in purple. Witches, apparently, the Airdrie coven. And some of them were boy-witches too. I'm told that the term warlock is derogatory (who knew?), so I'll stick with boy-witches.

Now I knew that Bev had been getting into spiritualism recently, but apparently she's now a full-fledged witch. So they did the wedding vow thing as a Wican ceremony. Strange but oddly fitting.

And Eva wrote on the autographed picture frame which everyone signed:
"The spleen is the new liver"
They'll never figure that one out.
And Sandra made a boob-print in the birthday cake while carrying it out. She wore a chocolate cake badge on her left boob all evening.

I thought the boy-witch couple holding hands and snuggling in front of the bonfire were adorable, as did Eva, but Jerry and his manly fishing buddies did a lot of giggling and rib-elbowing.

Back to a second week of full time work tomorrow, but at least our home computer is back from the hospital. Yayyy!

songs I'm currently obsessing on (in no particular order):
The Slow Descent into Alcoholism - The New Pornographers
American Music - The Violent Femmes
Can't Stand Me Now - The Libertines
Blood of a Young Wolf - Buck 65
Change of Season - Matthew Good
No Sissies - Hawksley Workman
Young Lions - The Constantines
Do give some of them a listen. Also, Matt Good will soon be releasing In a Coma, with two marketing options - one of which has a DVD. Ooooo, and my birthday is just two months away.
Shit. I forgot Wilco. I don't know how, since Jeff Tweedy's voice has been haunting me since the Folk Festival, but there you are. The song I am obsessing on is:
I am Trying to Break Your Heart


Anonymous said...

Yep, it was sort of a Witch's wedding! It was actually a Celtic ceremony. I loved it and I guess that is what matters. The basis of it was the movie Braveheart...but it also had a lot to do with a group I belong to called Spira. Yes, a Pagan group and yes, I am a Witch...full fledged! But, not to confuse you, but I am Pagan not Wiccan. I'll explain it next time I see ya.

Boy witches, yep they too are just Witches. Warlock, that is a bad thing. Again, to be explained in the future. So, just calling them Witches is good.

Explain the "The spleen is the new liver"...still trying to figure that one out! hehehe

I loved the Sandra boob print, it made it just that much more personal! lol

I heard about the boy holding hands and the fishing boys giggling! lol Funny how they giggled at the gay men, but yet nothing has been said about the lesbians that were there!!! Hummm, makes me wonder where these boys heads are! Boys will be boys! lol

So there....I did giggle big time about the whole post, so no, I didn't find any of this offensive! Just don't do it again! lol

I'm watching you!

WolfHeart (Martha Bev) - Yep, a Pagan with a Medicine Name! lol

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Anonymous (if, in fact, that is your real name) aka Wolfheart (that's a good name!): I just learned a whole bunch of stuff from your comment. See, comments are a critical aspect of blogs!

"The spleen is the new liver" is a variation on "*insert colour here* is the new black", only with an Eva twist. (Hey, I just birthed her - I have no control over her).

I loved the ceremony too. I don't know if I expressed that properly, but I thought it was lovely and very fitting.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you. I think the ceremony was certainly a surprise to a lot of people. I do think some of them may have been a little....hummm....what's the word, scared by it! haha But, none the less, if they didn't like it, that's ok too. I am sure it opened a few people's eyes and hey, we didn't even sacrifice anything!! I was thinking that would have been a good twist, but hey, the dagger was probably all anyone could handle!

Eva, what to say about Eva! She is about the smartest, and perhaps the coolest kid I know! Yep, you may have birthed her, but I do believe a lot of you has rubbed off on her!

I love your blog girl! What a hoot! I'm on livejournal...I guess that's a blog of some sort. It's like my own personal diary for everyone to see! YIKES! I'll send you the link so that you can read up on my wrong doings too!

Can't wait to see ya soon Martha!

Martha WolfHeart

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