Saturday, August 20, 2005

Goodbye Bear 66, Welcome Home Eva

Bear 66 was killed by a train this week, while she was grazing for berries alongside the railroad track outside of Banff. There was no evidence of spilled grain on the tracks, as is often the case when train meets bear, just bad luck looking for berries. Sadly, another magnificent grizzly gone.

And she was a particularly interesting bear. She had several encounters with humans, but was not considered aggressive, although she did nip a fellow on the bum about a month ago when he woke up after illegally camping in the backwoods, to find her sniffing at him. She just wanted a little taste to satisfy her curiosity.

Bear 66 leaves three cubs behind to fend for themselves. Hopefully they will survive on their own. Watch out for trains.
On a much happier note, Eva returned home from camp today, and everyone is home all next week (actually I'm on holiday for 2 weeks). I want to go down to Inglewood to browse through Recordland and maybe take Eva on a pilgrimage to Value Village. Jerry may take a day-trip to the Little Bow Provincial Park to do some fishing.
Apparently John Roberts, George Bush's nominee for the US Supreme Court (to replace the retired Sandra Day O'Connor) has supported both the use of prayer in school and the staging of so-called memorial services to protest legal abortion. Perhaps this revelation of his agenda will bolster opposition to his nomination, which appeared to be waning recently. Because if he is successful in gaining a seat, he could seriously do damage to abortion rights in the US, by swaying the balance of power in the nine-member Supreme Court.

Day O'Connor's retirement creates the first vacancy in over ten years. Surely there are some moderates out there who could fill the position.


This week I confiscated one of Eva's mixed CDs and discovered some good new stuff (well, new for me):

  • Stiff Little Fingers
  • X-Ray Specs
  • Neutral Milk Hotel
  • The Coral
  • The Futureheads

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