Friday, August 12, 2005

But enough about you, now let's talk about me

Today is all about me because:
  1. I got a whole page in the Calgary Herald, in Swerve magazine, describing my Folk Festival contest win, and my picture is not even that bad! They even printed my playlist which won the contest. Check it out if you get a chance: Friday, August 12, 2005 Swerve magazine of the Calgary Herlad, page 28, entitled "View from the Golden Tarp"
  2. We are going to use the last of the prize package tonight (gift certificate to O.N. restaurant in the Calgary Eau Claire Westin). In fact, it was when I was browsing the Westin website, looking for a menu (because Jerry always likes to know what he is going to order before he gets there), that I came across these pictures of the suite we stayed in the first night of the Folk Festival. Opulent, yes? See that baby grand piano in the living room? I played Mary had a Little Lamb on that.