Saturday, July 30, 2005

You mean you don't believe Welsh people exist?

I love the U.K. Where else would you find such a mix of great music (Bloc Party, The Smiths, etc), sassy tv, and world-class comedians?

But the British tv shows had better watch it, as their dominance is being eroded by some upstart wannabe comedian-musicians. In the hayday of Monty Python, there were no Liam and Noel Gallagher or Peter Doherty trying to usurp Mr Clease and crew.

Example: arguably the best show on TV is Bromwell High. In one of my favourite episodes, the slutty teacher (forget her name) says that there will be no prize for the upcoming tolerance contest because she doesn't believe in prizes, to which Keisha (all hail the mighty Keisha!) replies: "You mean don't believe prizes exist?"

Okay, backtrack to British musicians overlapping as comedians: The Gallaghers have long held dominance here. Just read the NME for such gems as "I was chased by a giraffe at one of them zoos, so I just fookin' told him 'Ay, wotch it!'"

But, look out Gallaghers, because Pete Doherty is now combatting for (unintentionally) Funniest British Musician. Example: we've already discussed "she is my rock, but not my rock of crack" in an earlier post, but the hilarity continues.

Pete has now found God. (Thank you, Eva, for that gem.) Of course I immediately had to ask "Where? And what happens when he misplaces him, perhaps accidently leaves him on the tube?"

Pete has also recently quit Babyshambles. Allegedly, Kate told him he was "too good for Babyshambles". To quote Eva again" "Does this remind anyone else of someone saying 'my mom says I'm special'?".

And to top it off, my crack team of music geekdom (Eva again) has now heard that Pete claims he doesn't believe that there are really such things as Welsh people.

I think Mr Doherty has been watching too much Bromwell High! Keisha said it first and she said it better but still, Bromwell High had better fookin' wotch it if they are going to maintain comedic dominance. Come on, Keisha, don't let that little upstart ruin your reputation. Say something outrageous, girl!

Update: Yikes, I just googled Browmwell High to give you the link and found out that it is actually a Canadian, not a British, show. Well, on the one hand, there goes the whole premise for this post; on the other hand, Damn, that makes me proud to be Canadian!

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