Friday, July 22, 2005

How I Gained Fame and Adoration in One Easy Step

Bow to me, minions, for I am a Grand Prize winner. And welcome to my first-ever blog post.
(Be kind to me; I'm a blog-virgin.)

I have just returned from a night at the fanciest, schmanciest Hotel suite I have ever been in, topped up by free Folk Festival tickets, some swanky restaurant certificates and a boatload of free CDs. And all I had to do was send in a playlist of songs I wanted to hear. How self-indulgent and totally fun is that?

I'm still too gobsmacked, exhausted and, frankly, a tiny bit hungover to go into detail at this juncture, so I'll just post the winning playlist and you can tell me if you think I'm full of shit or not. (Actually, I sent in two playlists, one specifically for the Calgary Folk Festival, featuring only this year's performers, and the other a playlist of some of the songs that I currently need to hear.) Tell me what you think.

List One - 2005 Calgary Folk Festival Performers
1. Confessions of a Futon-Revolutionist - Weakerthans (Fallow)
2. Words We Never Use - Ron Sexsmith (S/T)
3. Eat More Crayfish - CJ Chenier and the Red Hot Louisianna Band (Alligator)
4. Migrations - Christine Fellows (Paper Anniversary)
5. Smoke Baby - Hawksley Workman (Lover/Fighter)
6. Ashes to Ashes - Steve Earle (Jerusalem)
7. Come All You Sailors - Wailin' Jennys (Cara Luft)
8. Our Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault in Paris, 1961) - Weakerthans

(Reconstruction Site)
9. What's Hardcore - K'Naan (The Dusty Foot Philosopher)
10. Basement Apartment - Sarah Harmer (You Were Here)
11. Wicked and Weird - Buck 65 (Talkin' Honky Blues)
12. Vertebrae - Christine Fellows (Paper Anniversary)
13. I am Cow - Arrogant Worms (Dirt!)
14. Wild Goose - Kate and Anna McGarrigle (can't remember the album name)

List Two - Songs We Crave
Track and reason I need to hear it
1. Luno (Silent Alarm)
Bloc Party

(because this song makes me want to be a drummer)
2. Transmission (Substance)
Joy Division

(because Joy Division started it all)
3. Reconstruction Site
(Reconstruction Site)
(because sometimes a word is worth a thousand pictures)
4. 21st Century Living (Avalanche)
Matthew Good

(because this is Matt in all his glorious indignation)
5. Girlfriend in a Coma
(Strangeways Here We Come)
The Smiths

(because Douglas Coupland stole the title for his novel)
6. Get Free (Highly Evolved)
The Vines

(because this song makes me want to play pinball)
7. Under the Bridge
(Blood Sugar Sex Magik)
Red Hot Chili Peppers

(because these guys don't even own shirts)
8. Here Comes Your Man
(Death to the Pixies)
The Pixies
(because it’s the Pixies)
9. One Great City!
(Reconstruction Site)
(because that’s one great tag-line )
10. Coma Girl (Streetcore)
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros

(because it was Joe Strummer’s last album)
11. Strange Days (Beautiful Midnight)
Matthew Good Band

(because it’s from one of the best albums ever written)
12. Migration (Paper Anniversary)
Christine Fellows

(because she’s married to John K Samson, and she’s amazing)
13. The Dark of the Matinee (S/T)
Franz Ferdinand

(because Alex Kapranos is such a sassy Brit)
14. Thrice All American (Furnace Room Lullaby)

Neko Case
(because her voice gives me chills [in a good way])
15. Temptation (Trainspotting)
New Order
(because it’s trance-like and hypnotic; plus, it’s New Order)
16. Running Out of Time (Elevator)
Hot Hot Heat

(because howling Steve Bays has really big hair)
17. Rebellion (Lies) (Funeral)

The Arcade Fire
(because it’s good Canadian shoe-gazer(ish) music)
18. A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours
(Strangeways Here We Come)
The Smiths

(because Morrissey is so over-the-top and angsty)
19. Fallow (Fallow)

(because this song makes me want to weep)
20. Gigantic (Death to the Pixies)

The Pixies
(because Kim Deal takes centre stage)

Go out and listen to some of these fine songs (or any other songs you find worthy). Just keep the music flowing. More Folk Fest details after I go again on Sunday. Promise.

Best to you all.


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